A Noble Scout's Quest  LbNA # 47349

Placed DateApr 18 2009
LocationLitchfield, CT
Planted ByBSA 67    
Found By Rubaduc
Last Found Aug 25 2009
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A Noble Scout’s Quest
5 mile orienteering hike
White Memorial, Litchfield, CT

From the White Memorial Info Booth, find the nightly birds of prey. Bravely turn your back and fear not. With your back against the fence post - mark 115° and go forth through the portal you will find there.

Barely through the portal and, stop - mark 100° and continue toward the tree found along the road. Continue along -mark- 130° direction until you find yourself standing in the middle of an intersection and before another portal. Turn and continue in a N direction and save this portal for another day.

Travel along until you reach the ribbon of asphalt. Be wary as you traverse this section to reach your goal on the other side, for danger can appear at any time. Make your way to the other side of the barrier you will find there. Placing your back to the rail, continue N 129 paces (134 feet) to the secret passage marked by the square within a square. Stop - mark 100° and follow the square within a square.

When you reach yet another ribbon of asphalt great care must be exercised for this is the land of the armored beasts that seem to lurk in wait to take you out as you try to cross to the land of the water’s way. Stop - mark 95° - cross and continue on your quest. Always seek the true way marked by the square within a square.

When your way is block by the boulder sentries you will know that you are on the entrance to the water’s way. Bravely pass the sentries and fear not for noble scouts are welcomed here. Before you the way divides and No wrong choice can be made. Chose this day the direction of your countries ways.

After two bridges stop at the break in the way. At the square within a square - mark - 65° and continue to the resting spot. You will know you have reached the resting spot by the huge tree at the rivers edge. Rest here where the water dogs swim. This is where wise ones contemplate who is the bestat living according to the 12 laws - for gifts are given to all, but all do not use their gifts in the service of the kingdom.

Now that you are fully rested, continue along the raised way and take heart for you are nearly half way there. Just when you think you are destined to remain in this water world, the water’s way ends. Gently descend to terra ferma and continue until the way intersects again. Stop - mark 160° and arrive at the boulder sentries’ post. Stop and rest here, taking your turn as sentries to the water’s way. Contemplate about what lies ahead. Will there be a hot food and drink awaiting your return or will you find it cold?

From the sentry boulders go W 20 paces - stop - mark 180° - off the beaten path an open field greets you. With Bambi’s fate in mind, keep to the wooded edge close to your right. How many houses did you see? Around the bend, a path you’ll find. Stop in the middle of the pathway, standing before the square within a square, mark 250° and continue on. If you listen close you will hear the roaring beasts. Bravely move toward the sound and fear not. When you find the way before you barred, (your safety to insure) you will see across on the other side the square within a square.

Cross safely and follow the path into the dark forest. Stay close together for many a beast live here and hungry they may be.

When the square within a square ends the blue knight’s way you will find. - Stop - mark 30° and continue until you find the rocky way on your left. Step onto the rocky way and make note of the compass reading. As you travel along the rocky way, be sure to bring a pink stone back for your sweet heart.

As you round a bend you will see a tree before you with the blue knight’s mark and a flaming arrow. Stop - do not touch the tree for poison on it grows. Stand before the tree and look behind you and you will see the secret passage. Go down the secret passage. Do you hear the swamp things growl? What do you think it might be? Continue until the path diverges. Stop - mark 300° and take the one less traveled.

When a path must be chosen - Stop - mark 250° - continue along, but don’t forget to toss a stone into the swamp’s depths for it will bring good luck in love and money. Continue along the pine shaded way until you come to the “right” way. Stop - mark 290° and continue until you reach the ribbon of asphalt. Stop - mark 0° and traverse across the ribbon of asphalt- being always vigilant of the armored beast for they value not your life or limb.

Continue until you see the sign of "White". Go down the welcoming way about .2 miles. When on your right you will find a grove of pines where noble scouts encamp. If you are true to the ways of the laws, be you young or old, you will be welcomed here.

This is where the true treasure can be found. When you enter camp, seek out the wise ones and identify yourself by troop and rank.

Standing between the lean-to and fire pit - mark 160° and go forth until you reach the splitting stone.

Standing upon the splitting stone - mark 260° and go 26 paces (or 30 old lady paces) to the large pine tree - mark 180° and go 48 paces (or, you know, 52 old lady paces) to the tree of twining vines.

In the low rock wall the treasure you will find. ALWAYS WATCH OUT FOR THE SNAKES THAT LIVE HERE! Leave you mark and include the date, troop and rank, then place it back where you found it for the next brave scout to find.

Congratulations! Seek out a wise one for now you are now ready for rank advancement.