Spokane Garry Visits the Westside  LbNA # 47360

Placed DateMay 16 2009
LocationPort Townsend, WA
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Jul 6 2011
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Spokane Garry Visits the Westside

My friend and I from grade school have found each other after many years because my child is a student in her choir. This middle school choir is extraordinary, and is performing at the International Children’s Arts Festival. As part of our adventure, we are visiting a State Park and testing its’ amazing acoustics. In honor of this wonderful teacher and her talented students I am planting my first letterbox. I leave the stamp. She leaves the punch. Use either or both.

Treasure the opportunities you are given to spend with your children. They are priceless!

From the 509er side of the state continue your world tour of freeway rest stops and stop at EACH and every one to accommodate your passengers. Your goal is try to catch up with the kids seated coach when it makes a pit stop at Ryegrass. When you get to the big city, check out the valet parking in front of the Space Needle. Best $12 you will ever spend. They park your van and remember where they put they it. Do the Center et al and continue on. Zoo is great and so are the Lox …er… Locks. Enjoy the quality flooring at the middle school in George Washington’s ‘home’ town, where you spend the night. Frighten the crack of dawn by dashing for doughnuts way too early to feed 45 to 60 of your new BBF and then proceed to chase the seated coach through Deception Pass. (This guy drives fast!)

You finally scream to a halt at the state park named for the commander of the Monitor. (Need to hit those learning targets as this is an educational adventure ~ Social Studies.) Explore ‘caverns’. It was determined that a middle school student will run full speed ahead into a pitch black area and be surprised that there are walls holding up the ceilings and smashing one’s head into said wall causes pain. (Remember that this is an educational experience~ Science - cause and effect.) Find a big bunker with windows for daylight. Gather students. Have them test acoustics with prize winning singing. Make all parent chaperones cry. (Learning targets – Physics and Psychology)

To the box ~
Pass back past Parade Grounds and Artillery Museum. Leave Guardhouse behind you. Check out the Balloon Hangar. (None in bright colors. Just gray.) Being ‘diverse and inclusive’ go to the handicapped accessible entrance. With your back to the entrance, nonchalantly lean against the lamppost on your left. (You will be at a rather uncomfortable angle as it is surrounded by stickery bushes.) On the hangar side of the base my first letterbox plant awaits. Yep, it’s a purchased stamp but it does come with a first finder goodie and much thought and caring.