Venturing North of Smokey Road!  LbNA # 47389

Placed DateMay 22 2009
LocationBerlin Heights, OH
Found By Lambfamily
Last Found Oct 24 2010
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Venturing North of Smokey Road!

When i first started geocaching, i fell in love with Edison Woods
after hunting a big group of geocaches there. Over the past three
years, i have returned to the park many times to explore. But,
there are still trails i haven't traveled and still hiding spots
crying for a geocache/letterbox hybrid.

Prior to this excursion, i had never even ventured north of Smokey
Road!! As with all caches in Edison Woods, beware of ice, snow,
mud, thorns, mosquitoes, poison ivy, horseback riders, horse
droppings, uneven ground, holes, and everything else we love about
northern Ohio. Your total walk will be more than half a mile but
less than a mile.

To find this letterbox, first find a small parking
lot on the north side of Smokey Road. Coming from the west, it will
be the second small parking area you see on the north side. From
the parking area, walk about 100 feet north and west, looking for a
post with a small sign indicating the "Perimeter
". It points you down a mown trail through a grassy
field, at first following a line of utility poles. After the second
pole, the trail bends first to the left, then to the right and
through some trees.

After passing through the trees, you will see another post and
"Perimeter Route" sign. The arrow on the
sign points left--Ignore it! You will turn right at the sign and
follow the field along the tree line. I think there's a small creek
in there.

Continue straight across the field toward the "corner" formed by
the trees. From the sign to the the letterbox will be roughly 300
yards. When you get close, start looking into the woods to your
right for a concentration of iron oxide.

When you spot the inorganic material, find an area with two
tires, a television, and an old bicycle. Enter the woods here,
being careful as you cross a small ditch between the field
and the cache. The hidden box is not on TV, but it is within 30
feet. Look for a chunk of red sandstone at the base of an oak tree.
Lift with your legs, not with your back, to reveal the ammo can

As always, thanks to the Erie Metroparks
for allowing geocaches and letterboxes in their parks. Thanks for all your

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