Lamoine Heroes  LbNA # 47395

Placed DateMay 23 2009
LocationLamoine, ME
Found Byhappyhensleys5
Last UpdateAug 30 2010


In honor of Memorial Day, I have a new letterbox for the Lamoine Heroes.

The letterbox is here in Lamoine at the veteran's memorial dedicated in 2008. The memorial is located beside the town hall, directly on Rt.184 near the Rt.184/Rt.204 intersection.

Go to the memorial and stand your feet on the very beginning of the white brick walkway leading up to the memorial. Facing the memorial, hold your left arm directly out straight to the side. Your middle finger should be pointing to an evergreen tree at the edge of the lawn. The letterbox is hidden in the lower branches in front of this evergreen, near the small dirt hill.

Don't forget to remember all our fallen heroes this Memorial Day weekend. Take time to check out the memorial and respect the area around the memorial. Thanks.