Hat Trick (Series of Three)  LbNA # 47426 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Saints    
Placed DateMay 25 2009
LocationRaleigh, NC
Found By havelovecells
Last Found Nov 20 2011
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Hat Trick (Series of Three)

This is a quick and easy series to do with young children or folks who aren't big hikers. GO 'CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/10/10: I placed NEW Cam Ward and Rod Brind'Amour boxes and revised the clues - thank you to everyone who wrote regarding these boxes! This is a high traffic path in the summer, so please be discreet and watch for MUGGLES.

Enter the Falls Dam Recreation Area at 11405 Falls of the Neuse Road.

Drive toward the Visitor's Center, but turn RIGHT toward Falls Dam.

Park in the small lot on your LEFT before you cross over the Dam.

Walk past the play area - follow the gravel path into the woods.

Pass a park bench, and you'll see remnants of an old cinderblock wall almost immediately on your right. This row of cinderblocks is the first of two, and Eric Staal is hidden underneath a crooked portion of the "wall", and hidden by a large, oval stone!

Continue down the path, and there are restrooms on your LEFT. Take the gravel path directly across from them on your RIGHT.

Walk a short distance and you'll see a grouping of large, flat rocks on your right that is surrounded by char and fire damaged trees. Cam Ward is wedged under the rock, and two smaller rocks hide him from view. Bring gloves if you're squeamish about reaching into dark places!

Keep on going and you'll come to metal gates marking the end of the trail. Rod Brind'Amour is snuggled between the boulders on the lefthand side, blocked from view by scraps of concrete.

Walk up to the road, make a right toward the Dam and your car is parked on the left!

Also note: I have another series of three located VERY VERY close to these, so search for my boxes on www.atlasquest.com for more clues!!