Oasis  LbNA # 4744 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 1 2003
LocationEureka, CA
Found By artTrekker
Last Found Sep 20 2005
Hike Distance?

This box is missing. I'm very sorry about this. A while back someone sent me the filled book and in it were some old friends. I wish I could replace it but I'm in Texas.
Hopefully I will soon, it's the only letterbox in EUREKA!

Where in the city of Eureka can you listen to shrieking monkeys while watching turtles swim in a Redwood forest?
Begin your search under a redwood tree suspended in air. Go somewhere only those with special jobs can go. Count 200 steps beginning at the end of the game. When you find yourself next to a very large tree not like the others turn away from the caged and enter the wild.
If you go left you’ll take the back way. You want the more scenic, burlier route with water falls and rickety bridges. Never leave the main trail. Stay on the valley floor, the walls are steep and will lead nowhere.
You want it to go on forever, but it ends. Before you return to civilization take refuge from the mallards in the remains of an ancient cabin. Run around the right side of the fireplace. Go behind it all the way to the farthest corner. It is warm back there in the mud. If the letterbox has not washed away by now it is hidden in the roots of the ferns across from the fireplace.