Broadlands Holiday Tour - Summer  LbNA # 47465 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerForce of Five    
Placed DateMay 24 2009
LocationAshburn, VA
Found By Zorket
Last Found Aug 22 2009
Hike Distance?

Broadlands Holiday Tour - Summer

These stamps were originally part of the Happy Holiday box in which I changed out the stamp for different holidays. I have decided to permanently plant these. For these boxes, it would be good to bring black, blue, and red inks.

Find Chickakoan Trail Dr. in Broadlands, VA. Park on Chickakoan just south of Bluestone Ct.

Memorial Day

Across the street, you should notice a path with some exercise stations. Take this path into the woods. Follow the path straight until you come to a sign for Boulder Glen. Read about the geological history of the rocks. Continue on the path. You will pass a bench. Shortly thereafter you will pass a huge boulder where Earl faintly proclaimed his love for Veronica. On the left side of this boulder is a flat rock. At ~35 degrees you should spy a log lying on the ground. Under the back side of the log you will find the Memorial Day letterbox.

Father’s Day

Continue up the trail. You should see a “patio” on the left. Above the patio are some huge boulders. You want to get to the trail just above these boulders. So, take the trail up and to the left until you are above the boulders. Now, zig up the trail, then zag up the trail. Standing at the corner, look into the woods in a SSW direction. Shortly ahead of you, you should see a small boulder. Past this, about 20’ into the woods there are 2 small log pieces. The Father’s Day letterbox is inside the hollow of one of these log slices, covered with another flat log piece.

Independence Day

Continue up the trail, and take a left when you come to a T at the top. Pass a bench, then count 3 lights. Behind the lamp is a double-trunk tree. Behind that is a snag. To the left of the snag are a bunch of logs on the ground. Hidden under these logs is Independence Day. (This is an “experimental” stamp. Stamping instructions are written in logbook.)

Turn around to head back to where you started. Thanks for hunting the Broadlands Holiday Tour – Summer boxes. As a hint, these boxes overlap with the Winter boxes.