Treads' Hobby  LbNA # 47487

Ownerangel treads    
Placed DateMay 24 2009
LocationFarmington, ME
Found By Daytrippers54
Last Found May 16 2016
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Treads' Hobby

Find Mosher Hill Road on the outskirts of Farmington. Drive about 3.5 miles. Look for small parking area and a path into the woods on the left side of the road. This trail is not marked with any signs, so drive slowly and hunt carefully.

Begin your search by walking the trail in front of you. CAUTION: While children will love this hike, please watch them carefully as there are many steep drop-offs and the trail is rooty and rocky. The trail is fairly easy to follow, but not marked. To find Box #1, as you approach the rocky ledge and the waterfall, you will see a path/trail off to the right. Step down and take about 10 adult sized steps and stop. Look to your right for two broken off tree trunks. Box #1, "Cardinal" is hidden beneath the larger of the two tree trunks. Please rehide carefully! Continue on the trail. Here the trail is on a downward slope. Be careful! Soon you will come to a clearing with a fire pit made of rocks. Stop and turn left, facing the babbling brook. Walk toward the brook and stop at the big boulder on your left. Under the water side of this boulder covered by rocks, you will find Box #2, The Chickadee, along with the log book. Please rehide carefully.

You can continue ahead on this trail for your enjoyment, but keep in mind that the trail is hard to follow for a bit. Otherwise, turn around and go back the same way you came.