A Letter(box) From an Old Friend  LbNA # 47550

Placed DateMay 25 2009
LocationGreensboro, NC
Planted ByNCTrekkers    
Found By 3 bats
Last Found Dec 18 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is located at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Stokesdale, NC. The park is located on Hwy 158, about ½ mile west of Route 220, and a couple miles east of Route 68 in Northwestern Guilford County, a few miles outside of Greensboro. Next door is the Vulcan Quarry and a Community Walking Track.

If you’re coming from Route 220, you’ll park at the small gravel parking lot with the white fence, on the right-hand side of Route 158. The lot is just around the bend from a United Methodist Church, also on the right. After you park, look in front of you to see a very old cemetery with many older gravestones of various shapes and sizes. Some of the graves date to the 1700s and 1800s, all the way until the early 20th century. Many of the stones are too old to read the writing on them anymore, others have some very unique messages and poems.

From the gravel lot, walk to the paved walking trail. You’ll see many gravestones on the right. Take the path to the right. Go past a park bench. Proceed forward to the Veteran’s Monument. Turn left, then walk through the monument to the stone table, and pay your respects to the members of the five military branches recognized here. Continue through the memorial to the tar path on the far side. Turn right at the lamp post onto the path.

Enjoy the quiet as you walk along the path, with just the sounds of the breeze blowing, birds singing, and the occasional passing automobile. You will see the street entrance to the quarry on the left. Proceed on the path, following the path eventually to the right. On the left there will now be a metal fence with barbed wire, and beyond, an open (and very active) quarry mine. Walk over to the fence and take a peek at the depths, a human-made canyon.

Proceed back to the path and continue on to the grassy lawn. Leave the path at the next turn, and walk straight toward the gravestones. Keep walking past the gravestones on the right. Marvel at the impact time has as you look at the numerous stones commemorating the lives of many. Walk past two “Mothers.” Go just past a Christian Land, and you’ll see the remains of an old stone wall on the right. There is a large old tree stump at the base of the wall. Below the broken tombstone marked “January 4, 1881” you will find me. Say-wah-ta-na-oh. Look under the second rock back and you’ll find an old friend waiting for you.