4 Letter Secret Message  LbNA # 47564

Placed DateMay 17 2009
LocationEllicott City, MD
Planted ByTechnoBros    
Found By Qingwaa
Last Found May 31 2009
Hike Distance?

Location: Centennial Park.
Duration: about 45+ minutes
Letterboxes: 4
Intensity: Mild


This is a pretty short, beautiful easy walk (perfect for bikes.)
You might want to wear long pants though, because you will need to walk through some tall grasses.

Please bring your own stamp pad and pen.

For this letterbox you will have to make 4 blanks into your stamp pad. At each letterbox, there will be a letter for you to stamp in the space. This is a 4 letter code for you to figure out.

Enter in the Centernial Park NORTH area off of Old Annapolis road. . on the curved path'.PArk by the "skate spot" or the skate park.walk to the left of the sign and cross your bridge to your right.
Walk between the row of trees. Continue on for just a short bit. There will be a small clearing to your right with overgrown grasses. Go through the tall grass, and go to the end of the grass on the right, where you will start to see trees in the back.. go in, and follow the little path in the woods. Continue down the path, and stop at the hole in the ground on your right. Then walk 10 paces, until you reach a stick lying across the path, or if it has been moved, two trees to your right. Turn to the trees, walk in between them about 7 steps. look right were you are. Find the 1st stamp and stamp it in your first letter blank. then hide it well. Then turn around and go back to the main path. 1 down three to go.
Continue on past the orange flag on your right. You will se a fork in the road. Take the left. Another fork in the road, take a left. Keep on walking.You will then go under a canopy of trees. You will then leave the Canopy and see a yellow sign and a fork in the road. Take a left. At the wooden small bridge get off of it onto the stones. Continue stepping on the stones, looking to your left. When you see a log, cross the road to your right to a red maple sign, read this if you want to. Walk 18 paces forward to a liitle dirt path by a tree you should see a lake directly in front of you. Turn left and walk on the little dirt path right up agaist the lake. You should see some plants, dig through them and find #2. Look to your right and see the perfect view.
Return to the path after hiding it well. keep walking, andyou will see a sewage top thingy. Stand on top of said sewage cap, and walk down the mound to the clearing. Be amazed by the view. Go to the bench and look to your right. you will see a sign. Count the number of e's on the sign and divide it by 2. Then subtract that by 2. Walk that many steps across the dirt path and go to the vegetation. Dig around and you'll find box 3. 3 down, 1 to go. Hide well and return. Retrace your steps back to the trail and continue walking down the hill.Look at the lake to your right "v" You should understand. continue in. Take a right into the patch of grass take about 20 step to rocks by the rocks. Tuurn to your right and start waking through the little path in the woods.Turn right and you'll see a fairly large tree, at the base of which there is a little skinny trunk branching out. look through the leaves at the base and you should find it.
Now you have found the final letterbox. You can continue on the path, it is about 2 more miles, and there is a playground to your left over the hill (fun) and a beautiful path ahead, but if you want a shorter path you can always turn around.

Thank you for Letterboxing and not stealing the boxes. My sister stole a box and she died the next day.

JK. But don't.