The Wolf's Den  LbNA # 47571

Placed DateMay 25 2009
LocationMt. Vernon, OH
Planted ByDangie    
Found By doublewing
Last Found Aug 1 2010
Hike Distance?

“The Wolf’s Den”


This cache is the first letter box of three very enthusiastic kids who live in Apple Valley Community. They looked real hard to find the perfect location for this box and they really hope that you will be able to find it.

From Mt. Vernon, take Highway 36 east for approximately 6 miles to Apple Valley Community. Turn left onto Apple Valley Boulevard; there’s a convenient store/gas station just past the entrance to Apple Valley. At the three-way intersection, turn right onto Apple Valley Drive, then immediately turn right onto Hasbrouck Circle (the Apple Valley Business Office). Park between the recycling facilities and the basketball court. (Recycle your plastic, cans, and paper while you’re here!?)

Start your hunt by walking toward big water tank. Cross the road and walk towards the small gatehouse. Cross to the other side of the road, and stand next to the stop sign at Plank Road (just across from the gatehouse). Walk 30-35 steps from the stop sign, along Plank Road. Turn to the south (facing Highway 36). Walk about 8 steps, towards the small grove of three small cottonwood trees. Search in the tall grass at the base of the largest cottonwood, and see what you can find in the Wolf’s Den. . .