Susquehanna Railway Mystery  LbNA # 47578 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 24 2009
LocationHavre de Grace, MD
Planted ByTeam Zyla    
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Update - 12-6-09: In my best estimation this box has been washed out. The high water mark from the dam appears to be above the box placement. I am currently unable to replace the box. I apologize for any inconvenience. The clues still make for a fun hike.
Make your way through the beautiful forests of Susquehanna State Park to the Rock Run Road and Stafford Road intersection. You will find the historic Jersey Toll House and the park Visitor Center located here. After you park your car or bike and take in the view you will proceed to the railroad trail, past the park map to begin your search. You will take the blue trail up the stairs and then down stream. Follow the tracks to the large double-trunk tree on your left (approx. 135 ties, but remember that old railroad ties rot and die away. You may have to count spaces as well as actual ties to get it right.) At the double-trunk there is a cutaway down to the water. Follow that trail down to the Susquehanna. Follow the beach upstream until you see: a tree with 3 trunks; immediately in front of a tree with three trunks; immediately in front of a tree with 4 trunks coming up from the water side. (approx. 25 paces) There is a fork to the left that begins toward the railroad trail. Follow that path to the gnarled roots, but before you climb too high to start back on the path, check inside for the box. (approx. 20 ft.) Now you can enjoy the rest that the park has to offer.