Patawomeck Band Park  LbNA # 47601

OwnerGS Gold    
Placed DateMay 26 2009
LocationFredericksburg, VA
Found By GS LBass
Last Found Apr 16 2014
Hike Distance?

Proceed down Brooke Rd. towards Aquia Landing. 1/10th mile prior to Aquia Landing turn into Patawomeck Band Park.


Read the sign at the bottom of the trail.

Proceed up the trail and read the second sign describing the naval engagement at Aquia Landing.

Walk about the redoubt and imagine what it would be like with three large cannons and the many men there.

Walk to the top of the redoubt and catch a glimpse of the Potomac River. During the Civil War the trees were not there to block the view.

Find the sign titled “Battle of Aquia Landing” and look for the letterbox.