Chinatown Bar Hop  LbNA # 47620 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 27 2009
LocationHonolulu, HI
Planted Bymoonshine betty    
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Chinatown has some alot of bars, some well known, others not so well known. To start we have placed two boxes near two great bars in Chinatown. In a few weeks I'll add a couple of more and hopefully it will keep growing.

#1: Locate the bar where two countries hang their flags. This bar is known for great live music every week. Stand beneath the two flags and face north. Walk directly across the street and take a seat in the alley near the street. Be discreet! reach beneath the planter thingy and you will find box #1. Once you've made your mark and taken ours, head back to the bar for a beer and enjoy the music!

#2 Once you've had your fill here, its on to the lesser known _______ Bar. head mauka and then turn right on the second street. make a left at the first street you come to and walk up a few blocks. When you see that great tattoo place on the right you will know you are close. Turn right down the small scary alley and you will find Bar #2. Before you get to the bar door you will see a gate and maybe a dumpster to your right. Along the wall of this opening, closest to the bar run some pipes. Be brave reach inside and you will find what you're looking for.

Head inisde and enjoy a game of chess or hop on the old upright piano and play something sweet.

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