Forgotten Things Mini-Series  LbNA # 47625

Placed DateMay 27 2009
LocationLisbon, ME
Found By Teacup
Last Found Jun 21 2009
Hike Distance?

Forgotten Things Mini-Series

*The boxes may be rearranged in the near future as unexpected construction has forced some changes, so please make sure you have the updated directions. Current as of 29 May 2009*
These boxes are hidden in the woods so be sure to wear sneakers and bring bug spray and keep young ones close.

The Clock
Go to Wagg Rd. and follow it to the end where you can park where the Left Handers meet. From there you start your journey on foot and follow the road back until you come to the second newly created dirt road leading to nowhere that you can see. Walk to the left side of the dirt road.
Carefully! Do NOT let little ones run ahead, because shortly after you step off the dirt onto the grass you will see a tunnel of stones. Hidden under the largest stone and beneath the wood, you will find the Clock.

The Key

Search the side opposite of the dirt road, past the telephone pole, for a very large stump about half as tall as yourself, behind it should be just the barest hint of a path that leads up the small hill and into the woods. Follow it.
As you crest the hill search ahead for a large slab of a rock with a rather large stump sitting on top of it. Go to it.
From there if you look straight ahead into the woods you will see the wooden remains of a small peaked roof, and one that stands. Walk toward this deeper in. Beside the one that stands is a large pile of wood. At the very front behind the X lies your mark.