Blooming Bolders  LbNA # 47627

Placed DateMay 24 2009
LocationSigel, PA
Planted Byrocks&butters    
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Beartown rocks is a cool place to see neat rock formation and you can climb on them. Plus you will see trees and plants growing right on top of them.

The direction find your way to Sigel,PA take route 949 north for about 4 miles. There will be a sign for Beartown Rocks trail on the right. Take the dirt road immediatly on the right. Follow this for about 2.3 miles. Keeping to the right when the road splits. There will be signs directing you, also turn right into the parking area and the rocks are in view.

Follow the sign that says Beartown Rocks overlook(which is to the right) follow the path until you can clinb some stairs go up and take in the wondrful view. Now you can climb back down the stairs and walk around the backside go to the corner and take a look under the rock you was just standing on.