Secret Hike  LbNA # 47629

Placed DateMay 28 2009
LocationLemoore, CA
Planted ByJohnE5    
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Hike Distance?

Start at the car wash on 18th Ave (Lemoore Ave) Across from the school.

Line up these three items: a reflector pole, the big blue sign, and tan power box.

Head due South from here 238 feet and follow the terrain.

You should be stopped right before some major bushwhacking is required AND the traffic pole (above you) is blocking the “No U-Turn” Sign.

Look up and to your left. See that BIG three digit number? Subtract 15 from it and rotate that many degrees counter-clockwise.

You should see two trees ahead of you slightly off center from each other.

Head straight through between them for about 100 feet.

You should see a power/telephone pole ahead of you. Line it up with a flagpole behind it.

You are standing right next to the letterbox!