Ferny Lump  LbNA # 47632 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 29 2009
LocationMarlborough, CT
Planted Bymes    
Found By taylors
Last Found May 22 2011
Hike Distance?

Ferny Lump Letterbox (FLL)

1. Start at the front door of our school.
2. Find the DO NOT ENTER sign.
3. Proceed until you find the second ENTER ONLY sign.
4. Go to the beaver’s home.
5. Go to the corner of the first rock wall.
6. Pace until you visualize the numbered tree 18.
7. Keep going until you cross the gateway of life. Cross the second.
8. Do the limbo if you would like to pass.
9. Once you find the black birch, stop and take a scoop of “Rocky Road” and head downwards.
10. Keep going until second water pump.
11. Take first left path.
12. After twenty yards take a right.
13. Your treasure is in the “Ferny Lump”.

Good Luck?
By: Danny, JD, Zach, Tino, Ryan