Tree City USA  LbNA # 47761

Placed DateJun 3 2009
LocationAlpharetta, GA
Planted ByFriends of Rats    
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Jul 10 2009
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Tree City USA

Under a waving white banner
boasting "Tree City USA."

On a lonely cul-de-sac
where no children can play.

Above a busy street corner,
the bushes bloom red every May.

Not quite downtown,
but not far away.

You can get coffee and bagels across the street,
at a very popular place for people to meet.

Near a bank, a grocer, and a former gas station,
and a place to mail letters all over the nation.

In a place for the MARTA bus to turn around
is where our little letterbox is found.

Know where I am?
Look under leaves of green
Beneath the tree banner
You'll see what I mean!

You'll find a small box
that has our stamp book.
When you have some time,
please come take a look!

BYOI. Pen provided.