Kelsey's Graduation Letterbox  LbNA # 47785

OwnerThe Wallflowers    
Placed DateMay 30 2009
LocationSparta, WI
Found By The Cracked Belle
Last Found Jul 12 2013
Hike Distance?

On the corner of South Water St. and Milwaukee St., you will find the Sparta Chamber of Commerce (111 Milwaukee St). This is also where the LaCrosse River State Trail and the Sparta-Elroy State Trails meet. Park in the parking lot. If you are traveling by bike, you will need a trail pass which can be purchased at this location.
You will be traveling on the LaCrosse River State Trail, which is to the West of and across Water St from the parking lot. Start walking down the trail and enjoy the scenery. Keep the railroad tracks to your right. Along the way, you will pass a big blue Sparta water tower and you will also walk under the HWY 27 overpass. After you have been walking for approximately 15 minutes, you will come to a "20" marker on the right hand side of the trail. From this marker, take about 130 steps/paces. Then, to your left and on a slight embankment, you should see 2 small-medium sized "twin" oak trees. About 20 feet behind the "twin" oaks there should be 1 wooden fence post where the rest are metal. If you can see the wooden fence post slightly to the right and behind the oaks, you are in the right spot.
Look behind the "twin" oaks. On the ground, there should be a piece of wood, covered with leaves and branches. You will find the letterbox in a hole under this piece of lumber.
Make sure no one is around when you retrieve it! ENJOY! And please make sure to reseal everything.