The Elven King's Gate - Washington  LbNA # 47790 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 2 2009
LocationBanner Forest Heritage Park, Port Orchard, WA
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A serious journey you are about to undertake.
Without a map do not risk it, too much is at stake.

From the south reaches of the forest,
Deep into the Slough be off with you.

Do not capitulate or let trepidation guide your way.
Nor melt you among the stumps, or your goal you will not attain.

No, deep into the Slough is the path you must take,
For into the Sorceress Hollow is the journey you must make.

Some little byways could lead you astray,
While others may just help you along your way.

Keep alert and a sharp eye,
Or the passage you may pass by.

From the south into the forest and the north into the hollow,
Down and down again your path it will follow.

Turn not into other paths that are least,
Lest you become dinner for some very great beast.

Past a watcher and past a watch tower,
Unless your eyes were keen, you missed the watcher's glower.

Down again, sharply twisting and then turnin',
Pass through the gate of young soldiers near monuments of the fallen.

Barely clearing this gate a fallen one lies
Four paces more, another example when one of these dies.

Melting in place and moss not a scarcity,
Comes from months and years of prone inactivity.

To the south by southeast side you must head,
Staying on the trail will keep you in good stead.

Under and behind a flagstone of bark with moss as its trait.
Lies the entrance to. . . the Elven King's Gate.

Distance: c. 2 miles
Elevation: mildly up and down