Seminole Negro Indian Scouts  LbNA # 47791

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateMay 26 2009
LocationBrackettville, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Dec 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Distance to Minibox: 50 yards

Status of Minibox: Alive and Well

The "Seminole Negro Indian Scouts" Minibox is located in Brackettville, near Fort Clark, at the Seminole Scout Cemetery. Among the many Seminole Scouts buried here are 4 congressional medal of honor winners (2nd most in one location behind Arlington). During the Indian Wars, The Seminole Negro Indian Scouts served at Fort Clark from 1872 - 1914. These Scouts (not Buffalo Soldiers) spent 20 years (1850 - 1870) protecting the northern Mexican frontier state of Coahuila before being recruited by the US Army to serve as Scouts. Under Lt. John L. Bullis, who served as their commander from 1873-1881, the Scouts played a decisive role in the indian campaigns under both Colonels Machenzie and Shafter. The Cemetery has the marked graves of the 4 medal of honor winners.

From Hwy 90 in Brackettville, at Fort Clark Spring entry, go northwest on Hwy 90 and soon turn left on FM 3348. Go 3 miles and turn left at the sign into the Cemetery, and go all the way to the back and park.

To the Minibox:
Walk to the corner of the Cemetery (opposite the outhouse corner)heading past Luciapa Thompson's Grave. Near the corner is the grave of Bessie Soria. Go to the corner of the fence, and to the round fence post. Box is hanging on the back left side about 3 feet up (attached to the wire with clip).