Knox County, Maine; Mystery /Series 1  LbNA # 47801

Placed DateJun 2 2009
Location ???, ME
Found By More Great Fun
Last Found Aug 18 2010
Hike Distance?

where in Knox County is ?
Birthplace of Moxie Inventor Dr. Augustin Thompson.
"Wild Blueberry Queen" coronation is held here every August.
Home of "Matthews Museum of Maine Heritage"

Clue #1 Cowboy Hat
When entering this location, you will drive across a bridge.
Take the first left, follow this road, stay to the left when
the road devides.Stop by the small building on your left.
This is the judges building for "Tri-County Horseman".
Ahead of you on your right, you will see a light pole
surrounded by big rocks. Walk to the pole, stand by the
yellow-coated guy-wire at your right shoulder. Look under
the rock that's directly across from the pole.(the middle
rock of this trio) You've found "Cowboy Hat"

clue #2 Pig Scramble
From where you now stand, look north-westerly. You will see
two blue buildings. One of then is a roofed-over paddock
area, for the horse pulling & pig scramble. Facing the 2
big entrance doors, choose the smaller one on your left.
As you step through the left door, take an immediate left.
An aluminum sheathed wall is directly in front of you.
Kneel down. Beneath the metal cross beams and the ground,
you will find some small rocks hiding "Pig Scramble"

Clue #3 Blueberry Pace Race
Leave this building opposite from the end you entered from.
You will be overlooking the race track. Look downhill, slightly to your left; you will see several buildings with
2 small ones that abut the track fencing. Walk to this one.
You are looking at its right side. This side has an
electrical looking box and a white pipe to the left of
this box. Underneath this building, to the right of the
white pipe is "Blueberry Pace Race"

The stamps in this series are young children oriented.
One can walk these series; or drive and walk.

Please be careful while finding and replacing; as almost
always there are people walking, jogging, or just enjoying
the area.