Poinsett Bridge - The Itsy Bitsy Spider  LbNA # 47877

OwnerThe Webmasters    
Placed DateMay 23 2009
LocationLyman, SC
Found By The Webmasters
Last Found Aug 4 2009
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Poinsett Bridge - The Itsy Bitsy Spider


The itsy bitsy spider followed the left side path
Crawled to the river and she went for a bath
Then off to wander until she found her rock
Now the itsy bitsy spider again went for a walk.


At Poinsett Bridge - Callahan Mountain Rd, Spans Little Gap Creek, Lyman, SC‎

Do not cross the bridge. On your left you will see a path going down to the river. Keeping the river to your right, the bridge will be behind you, follow the path. There should be two large fallen logs you pass, on your right, and then you will enter a circle of very large rocks.

Walk through the circle and continue to follow the path, keeping the river to your right. You will arrive at another group of rocks, you may need to duck under low branches.

At this group of rocks turn until your back is to the river. You will see two trees with blue ribbons on them and large rocks littering the steep incline that goes to the road. Under one of the biggest rocks between the trees is a smaller rock. Behind the smaller rock is The Webmaster's Letterbox.

Please return the box as you found it. Obscured by the smaller rock.

Be careful in this place as there may be water snakes! Though they will no doubt be more scared of you than you are of them.

Also let us know if the box has become damaged in anyway. We will be trying to check on it as often as possible.

Thanks and happy letterboxing!

The Webmasters


If you do find the spider's home
Please, let her know so she can roam
She'll try to find your letterbox
And then go right back to her rocks!