Like Chasing Rainbows  LbNA # 4793

OwnerPink Panther    
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Location???, PA
Found By ???
Last Found Mar 11 2006
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Like Chasing Rainbows

LETTERBOX NAME: Like Chasing Rainbows

LOCATION: Mystery Southeast PA


Bushwacking and swearing required. Jumping to conclusions encouraged.

Find the general location of the Mad Hatter's Hitchhiker Hostel and get a map.
Double the first number mentioned in the Hitchhiker Hostel clues and zip to that area.
Amble west until you come to a nice place to sit.
From there, skip to the road (depending on the season, not always visible) just right of the white sign visible at 300 degrees.
From the road's right edge, drift to the big rock visible at 15 degrees.
From the rock, site a bouy at 176 degrees.
From the rock, return to the trail and trek 130 degrees and about 40 paces to a place where the bouy is now at about 190 degrees and a white sign is visible at about 200 degrees.
Soar to the white sign.
From the white sign, meander up the trail at heading 130 degrees until you see a large tree on the right with a cut stump beside it's base. Look under a rock at tree base. Finding this letterbox is .... Like Chasing Rainbows.

NOTE: Usual cautions apply, especially regarding hunting season.
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