Wallasaurus  LbNA # 47938

Placed DateJun 6 2009
LocationWall, SD
Found By The Cracked Belle
Last Found Mar 14 2016
Hike Distance?

August 14, 2009 The two Wall, SD boxes have been hugely popular. Thankfully there is a boxer in Wall who has been SO helpful to me. He's been able to check the boxes and replacing full logs. A huge thank you to Monty's Mob SD! Finders, please continue to let me know when logs are getting full.


Exit 110 off Route 90.
North towards Wall. There is a HUGE green dinosaur right on the side of the highway. Turn right into the gas station's lot immediately after getting off the highway.

See him? 80 feet of BIG GREEN KITSCH!

Get out of the car and take a look at him..... just beyond there is a billboard.... Wall Drug Exit.....

At the bottom, between two of the poles is a pile of two boards. Under the boards is a hole. In the hole is a rock, or bunch of cement. Under that is a camo-covered bottle.

Please watch for muggles! Please be sure to cover up the box with the rock, not just the boards in case someone moves the boards.

Lastly, I live 30 miles away, so I'd love a heads up when the log is getting full so that I can have someone replace it for me. Thanks!!