Red Homer  LbNA # 47942

OwnerBlue Fairy & Saint G    
Placed DateJun 5 2009
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By Night0wl
Last Found Jun 5 2013
Hike Distance?

When I was a kid, I use to keep them as pets in our barn. My dad would have fits because they made a mess all over the hay; but, he never made me get rid of them. After I grew up, I got more adventurous and found some that I could take on trips. Each time, I would take them further away from home and let them go. Somehow, most of them would come back home on their own – sometimes making it back home before me! Hell, I would just wait a few days; load them back up again; and, take them further the next time!

However, this time, I may have gone too far – none of them came back. I think that one of them, Red Homer, may have stayed and made a new home right where I released them. Right now, I’m at the Marbecca Choo-Choo and I’m not too sure how to exactly get back there from here. Please help me check on Red Homer! (Wow, in the Spring and Summer, it is really a challenge to see some of the landmarks in my following description!)

From here, I believe you need to head towards a place that was called George Town many years ago. I know that very near here is a fantastic path that will take me there; however, you really have to be careful while walking on it. A watchful eye in both directions at all times is warranted. If you don’t, you are liable to have an accident! Once you get going and up ahead a little ways, I believe there is a storm pond in between single-family homes and townhomes on the left. After that, I think you will see a path heading off to the left just past two bridges overhead. You need to take that path until you see the first set of green pipe being used for protection. Off to one side of that pipe, you will see woods. Enter the woods there (immediately before you past the pipe) and make your way back towards the right along the ridge above the first path you were walking. You should soon see the remnants of an old stone wall along that ridge. Keep following that old stone wall until you find Red Homer. You will know that you are nearing Red Homer when you come upon an old section of rolled up wire fencing lying on the ground – don’t trip! Speaking of wire fencing, there is an old wire fence with barbed wire at its top about 8 feet in front of Red Homer. As you stand by Red Homer, you will be able to look down upon the first path that you traveled and watch folks whizzing by on it. Behind Red Homer, about 4 feet away, is a tree with a large opening at its base. Once you are in this vicinity, you need to check out the base of the old stone wall on the side of the wall facing that busy path. At that stone wall’s base, Red Homer should be tucked away in a nook with a few of the wall’s old stones hiding it. If you successfully find Red Homer, please be sure to safely replace and hide him in his new home; and, please let me know how he is doing.