Marbecca Choo-Choo  LbNA # 47943 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Fairy & Saint G    
Placed DateJun 5 2009
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By shadowdancer
Last Found Nov 22 2009
Hike Distance?

As I stroll along this particular path writing in my journal, I can just imagine hearing the clickety-clack sound from long ago. While growing up, I was fortunate that my dad was an engineer for the Marbecca; because, I was entitled to a pass that let me ride the Marbecca for free whenever I wanted. I would have liked to have ridden the ole Marbecca with my pass here. The scenery is so pretty. Back in the day, they probably used coal and water here liked they did on the Marbecca to make her go.

I love writing in my journal. This journal allows me tuck my thoughts away and revisit them whenever I desire. Plus, I like collecting stamps and I hope to collect many here in my journal along with my writings. I wish I could keep my journal at home – but, I don’t want just anyone to find it. I hope those lucky few who do find it will trade stamps with me!

I always like to begin this walk near the park where I found my first stamp. (My first stamp was called Runway 17-35.) I start at that park and take the winding path downhill from it that ends at a T onto another path. Once on that path, I like to head in a direction that soon has me walking beneath a huge multi-lane bridge overhead. As I stroll along the path, I notice townhouses to my right. After a bit, I pass by a creek on my left with a huge black chain-link fence placed there for protection. (Wow, in the Spring and Summer, it is really a challenge to see some of the landmarks in my following description!) Up ahead on the right, I notice milepost 32. It’s not long from here, that I see a fairly wide gravel path off to the left. I like taking this alternative; because, it is a little less congested from folks speeding by me! Wow – look at that large rock formation on the right! I wish I could hide my journal here; however, that formation is located right in the middle of these parallel paths – it is just too close to risk it! Oh – I just noticed that there are no more townhouses nearby. Instead, I see several single-family homes off to my right. I hope they don’t see me. Look – there is a black walnut tree. I think I will stop and open a few here and watch the deer. Okay, I ought to keep moving – I wonder if I should use that pile of large rocks over there on the left next to that apparently abandoned road with the backside of its stop sign facing me to hide my journal. I guess not. Evans – who are they? Well, can’t stop now to try and figure that out – must move onward. There is another pile of rocks over there on the left – why are these piles here? Now, off to the right, it’s easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention, is a town limits sign. I never would have guessed that I would see that out here! This creek I am crossing over now is a lot smaller than that last creek. Check this out – more deer – they must really love living in these woods. Speaking of woods, I see a clearing off to my left up ahead – I wonder why? Oh, there is a main sewer line going through that clearing. Wow – look at that gigantic boulder over there in the clearing. It’s huge! I think I will check it out. Hey, if from this boulder, I face back the way I came, walk parallel to that path but oh so slightly to the left - over there - about 24 paces away, I can place my journal under those rocks, pieces of wood and leafy debris. Yes, this will do just fine! I just hope everyone trading stamps with me is very careful when they rehide my journal.