Water Drop Falls  LbNA # 47950 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 7 2009
LocationHamilton, MT
Found By FrogiNater
Last Found Jul 3 2009
Hike Distance?

From Hamilton drive up Skalkaho highway towards the falls. This road will be CLOSED during the winter, but usually reopens at by Memorial Day weekend.

If you have never been to the falls it is a great photo op, so you will want your camera with you. Check out the LB list also, as there is another LB at the falls!

When you get to the falls, get out of your vehicle and look up, down, and also for the other box. Get back in your vehicle and go back the way you came- towards Hamilton. You could walk it- itís not that far- but if you do, keep to the sides as this is a winding and narrow mountain road.

Back track 0.7 miles from the falls. You will come to a turn out on the left side of the road. Pull in and park. Walk towards the hillside 15 paces. Then cross the road. Stand on top of where water crosses the road. From here you can look up and watch the water come down. Itís a simple, but beautiful, fall. Turn 45 to your left and take 5 paces to a rock pile. A flat rock tops it. Here you will find your water drop falls- down in the center of the 3 biggest rocks.