A Few of My Favorite Things  LbNA # 47955

OwnerTravelin' Ts    
Placed DateJun 7 2009
LocationWoodway, TX
Found By Walksfar
Last Found Jul 7 2013
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A Few of My Favorite Things

The Travelin' Ts consists of a family of letterboxers and this box was created by our six year old. He was so excited to experiment with carving his own stamps and it was only natural that he freehand drew and carved some of his favorite things such as Star Wars characters and books and artwork. This box contains several stamps that he did completely on his own. He had a little help from dad on constructing the logbook, but he wrote everything on it and even sewed the bag for the stamps. Even though it was almost dark, he couldn't wait to go and hide it. It was so cute how excited he was about the whole thing.