Balancing Act  LbNA # 47989

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateMay 23 2009
LocationKeithsburg, IL
Found By Fuzzy bunny
Last Found Jul 26 2009
Hike Distance1-2 mi
Last EditedMay 13 2016

Location: A park located ~3 miles south of Keithsburg, IL. Traveling on 1350 East, turn onto 2850N. Stay on this road between the buildings, pass Township Road and then turn left onto Windmill Road Scenic Drive. You’ll soon see a pull off on the right for the Wilderness Trail. Park here.
Hike Distance: 1.2 miles
Terrain: Fairly level wooded trail; soft ground covered by pine needles.
Note: Open until 10 pm

Nellie the Elephant wanted to visit her cousin Norma Jean. Nellie was also a member of a circus and loved performing for the crowds. She heard that there might be an appreciative audience in the area, so she lumbered down the trail.

When she came to the first fork, she headed right. Snuffling for peanuts or sweet potatoes along the trail, she passed 3 hiker signs as the path twisted and turned through the piney woods.

She kept going, but you may decide to take a rest on the bench before heading to the circus tent. Continue on past 2 more hiker signs, and then get settled in at the next bench. Are you ready to see the show? Take a seat on the bench, then look over your right shoulder. Nellie is waiting behind the fallen log just 10’ behind you. If the path is clear, go coax her out to perform her act for you.

Use extreme caution when approaching this large beast. You wouldn’t want to BREAK her concentration and cause her to fall to pieces! (It’s best to place her on a flat surface then push/pat an inkpad on top of her to ink up.)

Please replace her carefully so she can entertain future visitors.

Continue around the loop passing other signs/benches until you reach a fork. Take a right to return to your vehicle.

We hope you enjoyed this circus act. Since we don’t live in the area, status reports would be greatly appreciated!