East Rock Cupcake  LbNA # 47991

Placed DateJun 7 2009
CountyNew Haven
Locationnew haven, CT
Planted ByM & B    
Found By Murray
Last Found Apr 11 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 14 2015

Get on the red trail at the base of the East Rock playing fields along English Drive. The trail head is where English Drive forks into Rock Street and View Street.

Follow the red trail up the mountain.

At the fork in the trail, continue straight. The red square markings become red circles at this spot.

Take a quick downhill left off the trail and get on the unmarked path. Go left on this unmarked trail.

Follow this trail through the stone archway (there is quite an echo under there) and stay on the trail as it curves to the right up toward the road.

Turn left on the road, then quickly hop back onto the red trail on the left.

Continue following the red trail up, up, up.

Eventually you will reach the peak. Take a moment to enjoy the view!

If you’re facing the flagstone (the flat unnatural looking rock) with your back to the view, you’ll notice a path into the wooded area behind the flagstone and to the right. Follow that path.

Once you enter the trees, you’ll pass by a cluster of four thin trees growing closely together on your right.

Continue past those trees, and bear right. 12-20 paces past that cluster to the right will be a large rock in the ground. Explore that rock, especially the pile of rocks on its backside. The letterbox is buried beneath that rock pile.