Knox County, Maine; Mystery /Series 2  LbNA # 47996

Placed DateJun 8 2009
Location ???, ME
Found By More Great Fun
Last Found Aug 18 2010
Hike Distance?

Series 2 of Knox County Mystery. The stamps in Series 1 were
young children oriented.
After achieving clue 3 in series 1; and having replaced
the "Blueberry Pace Race"......start here....

Clue 1 (in this series) stand with your left shoulder against this buildings side; follow the road that runs along the side of the track going clockwise. Look for the telephone sign. Walk a few steps and take the tarred path that leads into a little park. Walk the path that leads to the fountain. Ahead of you is a small stage, stroll to the right side and take a seat on the bench. See the steps?
Behind them you will find "Flower Garden"

Clue 2 Return towards the main entrance; On your left (before the bridge) is the schoolhouse "Hodge School 1864-1954" School house has bell on roof. Go through chainlink
gate to the right of this building. Go around to the back of the school. "Barefoot" is behind the center-located
cinder blocks.

Clue 3 Return to the site where you found "Cowboy Hat"
in the FIRST Knox County Mystery ! Go past his area; staying
on the dirt road, bear to your left. As you pass a garbage
receptable, you will enter a small patch of woods. On your
right, look through these trees for 2 big rocks nestled
together. Just behind them you will see a small white birch
tree with a double trunk just beyond those 2 big rocks.
Walk to these 2 rocks; looking straight ahead is the double
trunked white birch. Now you can see a big rock just behind
it; with a few small rocks nestled beside it. You've found

Clue 4 Return to the road and go through 2 posts (one of
each side of the road. To your left is a field. Walk down
this side. At the end of this field is a big fir tree.
To its right is a hook-up post numbers 5/6. To its right
is a tight grouping of 4 trees. In the center is "Woodchuck"
under sticks and leaves.

Clue 5 Return back to the road and retrace your steps but
stay to your left when the road forks. You will come to a
"T" in the road. Go left and take the next immediate left.
Proceed to the 3rd telephone pole. Behind it is a Fir
tree with stones at its base. Under these stones is

Clue 6 Continue on this dirt road until you come to a closed gate. Walk through the gate, down the hill until you are standing on the right side of the road, over the culvert. Walk ahead on the road about 14 paces. Look to the right for 2 cut-off stumps that are on a rise of ground. In front of the taller stump ; hidden carefully under bark pieces and leaves is "Froggie" Please hide very carefully as there is lots of foot traffic.

One can walk these series, or drive and walk.