Holland Hawk  LbNA # 48017 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 10 2009
Location7001 Madison Ave, Holland, OH
Found By GLLady
Last Found Jun 14 2010
Hike Distance?

This is an active elementary school. Please visit this letterbox when school is not in session.

This letterbox has been placed in honor of our wonderful principal and fellow letterboxer, Mr. Devol. Holland Elementary is located at 7001 Madison Ave. in Holland, OH. Take Airport Hwy west from US 23, turn right onto McCord Rd. Pass the high school and turn left onto Hall St. Follow as the road bends to the left, taking time to admire our brand new football facility, to the end of the road and turn right at Madison Ave. Park in the lot by the white building.

Walk straight back to the beautiful playground built by the dedicated members of Holland Parent Council. Enter the pebbled area and walk through the playground to an opening in the fence. Descend the cement step until you reach the area affectionately known as the “Grove”. Turn left at the bottom of the stairs and look for the tall double trees at the far end of the grove. Walk across the grove to the trees. From the further of the pair of trees, turn left to face another smaller set of trees. There is a small woodpile about 14 steps in front of you. To the right of the wood pile, look under the large rock to find what you seek.