Bonnie's Tea Party  LbNA # 48021

OwnerReynold and Helena    
Placed DateJun 10 2009
LocationMansfield, OH
Found By Praying Mantises
Last Found Jul 27 2013
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Bonnie’s Tea Party
In Memory of:
Bonnie Davis

Thank you for seeking out this special memorial series. We hope you will enjoy the search, as well as the beauty and charm of this place, whatever the season. Do take a moment to be thankful for Ohio’s grand landscapes and abundant history. And, when you get a chance, enjoy a bonnie spot of tea sometime soon.
(First Finders: Treat yourself to one of the teabags! J )

***There is only one log book--in box 2.***

“A Teacup, of course!”
Our “Sister Bonnie” (trail name) had a vast collection tea sets and accessories. The two stamps in this series are the ones she used when she boxed with us. (Hope some of you have noticed these stamps “along the trail”.)

CLUES: Park at the parking lot closest to the Youth Hostel. Walk down the paved road past the Hostel. Cross the bridge and look to your left for Doris Duke Woods. Walk a short way up the gravel trail to the Doris Duke Woods Nature Trail--One Mile Loop.
Take the trail--it “Y”s almost immediately--keep going straight (a bit to the right--DO NOT take the left path!!) Walk past a HUGE tree to your left with the paved road visible to your right. Cross a small wooden bridge (more like a platform). Walk 16 paces up the hill to a tree about 5 feet off the trail to your left. Look for a hollow at the base of the tree covered with a mossy rock. Box #1 is under the rock.
Please replace carefully.

“An Historic Blend”
Bonnie’s loves were history, reading and her family. Because she was fascinated with genealogy, Richland County and Malabar Farm are significant locations for this memorial series. Bonnie’s father was a friend of author Louis Bromfield, who created Malabar Farm and a long list of Bonnie’s ancestors are buried in Richland County.

CLUES: Continue on the trail--it is a gradual incline. In a bit you’ll pass two “twin” mossy BIG boulders, both lodged against trees close to the trail. Standing between the mossy rocks count 27 paces uphill on the trail. Look for a tree about 15 feet from the trail with two mossy rocks hiding a hollow on the right side of the tree. Box #2 is under the smaller rock. (Up ahead are many cut logs and rocks--all covered with moss.)
Again, replace with care. We’d love for these two boxes to remain here for a long time!!
You can continue on the loop to the starting point of the trail or retrace your steps. Hope you have time to explore more of Malabar Farms--it is a remarkable place. (Bogart and Bacall were married here!!) ALSO--you can get a GREAT lunch or dinner at the Malabar Inn--superb food, good prices and local meat and produce--it doesn’t get better than this!!)