Inheiritance Cycle  LbNA # 48023

Placed DateJun 2 2009
LocationGallatin Gateway, MT
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This box is a tribute to our families favorite Fantacy Story of All time, "The Inheiritance Cycle" (aka Eragon, Eldest, and Brisinger) So we hidden a box in the Home state of the Young Author and so people can discover the world of Alagaesia.

Take Hwy 191 south from Bozeman to Gallatin National Forest till you reach Storm Castle Bride (Squwa Creek Bridge). When you cross the bridge turn left till you reach a parking lot. Find a narrow path that goes into the forest. Keep going strait till you reach two very large boulders on your left, then on your right there are three boulders stacked together. Hiding behind the shelter of the boulders laies the box where you may find Saphira Watching over you from her hiding place.

Please hise the box back to its original spot and hide it well so critters will not get it.