Go Slow, Enjoy the Ride  LbNA # 48050

Placed DateJun 12 2009
LocationGurnee, IL
Planted ByBaseball Boy    
Found By frequent.adventurer
Last Found Oct 3 2009
Hike Distance?

1. Go to South Ridge Park

2. Go underneath the shelter

3. Take a right out of the shelter then take a left, follow the path until you get to an intersection

4. At the intersection, just keep going straight

5. Eventually you will get to a road, look both ways, then cross

6. Take the path straight until you get to a big rock next to a wooden bridge

7. Face the rock with your back to the bridge

8. If you crouch down on your hands and knees, you should see a hole in the rock

9. If you reach inside the hole, you will find the letter box

You will notice that my stamp is a snail. Remember to go slow and enjoy the ride!

Remember the park opens at sunrise and closes at sundown. PLEASE follow the rules. J

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