Death Acorn  LbNA # 48051

Placed DateJun 11 2009
CountySt. Louis
LocationWildwood, MO
Found By I dig toasters
Last Found Nov 1 2009
Hike Distance?

**crackybarn is sad to say, that babler state park has removed death acorn. Please look out for the return of death acorn elsewhere coming soon.**
Enter Babler State Park
Drive to Hawthorne Trail (by Alta Shelter)

Enter Hawthorne trail and pass over horse trail
At fork, stay to the right

Pass the tree with the animal hole at the bottom of the trunk
Pass the jungle with the Jurassic Park chicken coop where the Velociraptor escaped
Pass a few graveyards of tree logs

Once you get to the bend in the trail (where the loop starts to head back) look for the the death defying cliff to the right
Approach the large rocks
Take two large jumps down the rock staircase
At the plateau of the rock stair case to the right, you will see a crevace underneathe an enormous rock
In this crevace you will find the letterbox (of doom) behind some other rocks