Nixa Scissortail  LbNA # 48057

OwnerPotted Frog    
Placed DateJun 9 2009
LocationNixa, MO
Found By The Irish Express
Last Found Oct 24 2010
Hike Distance?

Stamp: Hand-carved
Distance: Drive By

Most of my growing-up years were in/near Nixa. We lived in several houses. One in particular had some interesting wildlife around it--Scissortail Flycatchers. These are the state bird of Oklahoma, but there was a little pocket of them on our road at one of our houses. When we lived there, ours was one of three houses on more than a mile of road. The road name is now Owen Road, and there are many, many houses there. But when I return to visit, my path often takes me down that road, and I see “Scissortails,” as we called them, often.

It seemed like there needed to be a letterbox for these beautiful and interesting birds, so I decided to put one in an accessible place near Owen Road. When I was scoping out potential locations on my bike, I found Scissortails on two other roads. I know they are in more places, but I know for sure of two other locations where I saw them on more than one occasion.

To find the letterbox, take Hwy 160 that goes through Nixa to Tracker Road, which is the first traffic signal south of the Hwy 160/CC intersection and just north of the Wal Mart shopping center on Hwy 160 in Nixa. Go west on Tracker Road just over a mile to the water tower. There is a place to park under and just to the east of the water tower. The tower is enclosed by a chain-link fence. From the area you parked, walk west toward the fence. There is a large bush/bushy tree (I don’t know what kind) toward the northern end of the fence. Directly east of the large bush is a tall tree. Stand under the tree facing the bush. You will see a hollow area of the bush. Under this area is a pile of sticks and rocks beneath which lies the Nixa Scissortail.

If you want to look for Scissortails, they are only around in the warmer months, and I’ve seen them most in early morning and evening. You can backtrack east on Tracker about ½ a mile to Owen Road, or go farther west on Tracker to Nicholas. I have seen them not far in either direction on Nicholas. Or you can go south on Nicholas to Union Chapel and go west to a small church. I have seen several around there, too. They are usually sitting on telephone wires, but sometimes on fence wires.

We no longer live in this area. If this letterbox needs attention that a finder cannot fix, please contact me. I know people in the area who could help with it if necessary.