Just Nixa  LbNA # 48058

OwnerPotted Frog    
Placed DateJun 9 2009
LocationNixa, MO
Found By Antroo
Last Found Apr 9 2012
Hike Distance?

Stamp: Hand-carved
Distance: Drive-by or short walk depending on where you park.
Pet, bicycle, child-friendly

I consider Nixa as my hometown. From age 7 through age 28, I lived in Nixa. In the years before that, I lived close to it, and my dad worked there since before I was 4. When I first moved there, the population was not much more than 2,ooo. I have lots of memories of my mom taking my brother and I to meet my dad for lunch at the Nixa Café on Main Street or the Sale Barn Café at the (now gone) Nixa Livestock Auction.

Never attending Nixa schools, I did not get into sports at Nixa, but I worked there in the summers and much of my family lived there, too, so it has always been “home.” It has changed in so many ways since I was a little girl. Now I live in another state and usually shocked at the new things (houses, businesses, streets, schools) on my return visits. But it’s still home.

We no longer live in this area. If this letterbox needs attention that a finder cannot fix, please contact me. I know people in the area who could help with it if necessary.

“Just Nixa” is just a tribute to where I grew up. I never lived “in town,” but spent a lot of time there. This letterbox stamp is not from the past, but the present, to represent a fast-growing, ever-changing community.

To find “Just Nixa,” head to “The Center,” by going east on North Street from Main Street. You will find the large community center, park, pool, disc golf course and fitness center on the north side of the road. Find a place to park, and head to the Disc Golf Course. At the tee-off for the 4th hole you will see a wishing well with a bench beside it. Sit on the bench and look in front of you. Slightly to the left is a large tree, and behind it are two culverts. Go to the left (south) culvert. Jammed under a stationery rock on the south side is the letterbox, well-hidden by two smaller rocks.

Please be careful to replace the box where it was as the area could be prone to flooding during heavy rains. Also beware of poison ivy. There is a small woods to the north full of it, and it is all over the large tree in front of the culverts.

The park is usually very busy in the summer, so be stealthy. The wishing well can give you a reason to have a photography diversion.