Apple a Day - The Trunk  LbNA # 48060

Placed DateMar 28 2009
Location???, IL
Planted BySocrates    
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You will need to pay admission to this park. The "Salt" tycoon of Illinois created this tree park years ago and it is now considered an outdoor museum.

We have placed three letterboxes in series here and they are easy to find and will not cause undo harm to the park. Please be considerate of this as you work your way through this area. The letterboxes commemorate the great Johnny Appleseed. Each box must be obtained in order so that a complete picture can be built. Please allow at least 6"x6" of room to complete the collage. Enjoy!!

Box # 1 - The Trunk

Park at p10 and walk back towards the main loop path. Head northon this path for a way enjoying the silence. Cross the Continental Bridge of Alexandria Minnesota (unless you weigh more than 6 thousand pounds). Continue north, and pass a natural bridge on your left and look the to your immediate right for a tree that has hair growing out of it’s warts. Go another 20 paces past this tree and then go east 8 more paces. The first box is inside the stump of the tree directly in front of you. We have not yet placed the other TWO boxes but we will soon...

-- Socrates