OwnerGSD 1    
Placed DateJun 13 2009
LocationMarietta, OH
Found By walkingman
Last Found Sep 11 2012
Hike Distance?


Make your way to Acme St. in Marietta and the Krogerís store. The Kroger Wetland is a 21-acre city park located just behind the Kroger Store, and is bordered by I-77 on the east, SR 7/Newport Pike on the south, Phillips St. on the north and Acme St. on the west. It is open year round, daylight hours only. There is a loop trail that you can hike on and it is less than a mile. There is also a short spur trail(The Drayer Spur) that takes off about half way around the loop. It is about a ľ mile and goes out to Phillips St.
This is an unintentional wetland, made when they took the dirt out to build the Kroger Shopping Center up out of the flood plain. There are many interpretive signs on the loop trail explaining about wetlands, and some of the flora and fauna found out here. Please take the time to hike out and enjoy this wonderful little urban wildlife area.


Difficulty: Easy
Distance: Less than 100 feet.
Bring your stamp pad, writing utensil, and maybe camera and binoculars if you hike out the trail. Also maybe a leather glove?

There is a sign along Acme St. indicating the Wetland.
Pull into the gravel parking area and park down next to the information kiosk. Look at the info here. Sign the visitorís log. When you are ready, look down under the Visitorís Log sign up box and you will see a shelf under there. Reach up into the cavity and you will find THE KROGER WETLAND pouch. Take the pouch back to your car or to the little bench that is over to the right of the kiosk, at the trailhead, and do your stamping. Remember this is a very open, public place, so please be very discreet as you find, stamp and replace this letterbox.
NOTE: Wasps love LB hidey holes too. So be cautious when reaching up to get pouch.

There are quite a few other Letterboxes located in The Wetland. If you go in search of them, a word of caution: this is not a manicured public park. We try to keep the trail rather open, but briars and poison ivy abound and grow profusely throughout the park. Dress accordingly.