Campers from Massachusetts  LbNA # 48159

OwnerThe Butterfly Effect    
Placed DateMay 23 2009
CountyVirginia Beach city
Locationvirginia beach, VA
Found By QOCMike
Last Found Oct 13 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 13 2015

We placed this box as our first Road trip together. One of us decided to go to va beach as my 21st birthday celebration. So we figured we'd leave a box.

We stayed at the first landing state park, and if you're looking to go for a trip for letterboxing we highly suggest camping there a few nights, its beautiful! So we placed our box at the first landing state park across the street from our campground

First landing is one of the most popular state parks in virginia. There may be a fee for parking if you are driving (4 or 5 dollars) however if you're at the state park anyway to camp you can just cross the street and walk. (long walk though!)
This is a quick find if you're just stopping by for a walk!

Clues. Drive/walk to the main parking area for cars (this is probably .5 mile from entrance) then walk to where you entered the parking lot and begin walking back down the road. Shortly on the right, you will see a "speed limit twenty five" sign. Walk fifteen or so feet past this and look off to the right. you'll see part of a dead tree lying on the ground in the woods. It has bark on each side resting against a stump it probably fell from. Move around the loose bark near the stump to find the campers from Mass!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! hide the box well. many people visit and since we live 550 miles away it is not easy to check on the box.
IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEMS WITH THIS BOX: Please contact us at to let us know.
Thanks and happy hunting!