Old McDonald's Animals (with bonus box)  LbNA # 48178 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerWalk This Way    
Placed DateJun 12 2009
LocationHighlands Ranch, CO
Found By The Woodshed
Last Found Jul 20 2011
Hike Distance?

********THESE BOXES ARE UNDER REPAIR AS OF 7/21/2010********

One day, Old McDonald took his favorite animals to Northridge Recreational Center in Highlands Ranch to play. They went past the main building and parked by the playground. They were playing on the playground when a thunderstorm broke overhead. The animals were frightened and fled.

Old McDonald started his search for his animals by heading left on the trail by the parking lot with the baseball fields to his right. He noted the trail's name: the Dad Clark Trail. When he came to the first intersection with another paved trail, he continued straight and crossed a bridge. Once he had crossed it, he heard one of his animals shrieking to his left. He immediately turned left onto a dirt trail and continued on the left when it forked. When he reached the top of a small hill, he saw one of his animals hiding under a large shrub on his left. He went to the animal, keeping an eye out for cacti and prairie dog holes, for about 25 steps. Eventually, he freed his animal from under the shrub.

Once Old McDonald had found his first animal, he turned away from the shrub and headed straight onto a narrow path that led him back to a paved trail. He turned left onto the paved path, and turned right at an intersection. He was coming upon a concrete bridge when he noticed his second animal to his left, hiding under a large rock. He coaxed out the animal and continued on the trail.

Old McDonald crossed the concrete bridge he had seen before finding his second animal. He turned left at a fork in the trail and crossed another bridge, this time with brown railings. He took a right when he came to another intersection. Some houses were now on his left. He turned right on a gravel path towards a large dead tree and crossed a small wooden bridge. He turned left at the intersection after the bridge. After a short time, he heard yet another animal rustling in the shrubs to his left near a bench. Old McDonald went through a small opening in the shrubs, and before he stpped onto any of the large rocks, he turned to his left and saw a rock between two shrubs. His thrid animal was hidden in the shrub on the left.

Distance: approx 1.25 miles

NOTE: The bonus box can be found by following clues written in the backs of the notebooks in the other boxes.