Bear Contry  LbNA # 4818 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateJul 13 2003
LocationTomball, TX
Found By ωildflower
Last Found Jun 10 2007
Hike Distance?

Difficutly: Easy
Distance to Letterbox: 300 yards one way

Status of Letterbox: Alive and Well on 6/15/05

The "Bear Contry" (Yes, I know it is spelled wrong. Bear's can't spell) letterbox is located in Spring Creek Park, just north of Tomball. The park features daily recreational options such as baseball fields, picnic facilities and hiking trails. We say many deer on the trail that day.

Go north from Tomball on Hwy 249. Turn left at light at Brown street (you will see a sign for the park also). Soon road will curve left, but you want to go straight into park enterence. Continue to first stop sign, and continue straight. At Y in road, go right around curve and park on left near 2 large dirt piles (before you reach the end of the parking). The trail goes just right of the dirt piles (Sign is missing).

To the Letterbox:
Locate the trail and head north into the woods. As you enter the trees, there will be a round post (about 3 feet high and 6 inches thick) on your right. Count 83 paces from this post as you walk along the trail. You will pass a dead log on your right and soon be standing between a large pine tree (on your right) and another large tree on your left (at the 83rd pace). From this spot, go 17 more paces down the trail to a small clump of 6 trees on your right. Turn left and locate the dead standing tree at 240 degrees (West). Go to that tree 9 paces and find the box in the back side cavity covered with bark.

Let me know the status of this box: