The Lucky Dogs 1st letterbox journey - Suson Park  LbNA # 48189

Placed DateJun 14 2009
CountySt. Louis
LocationSt. Louis, MO
Planted ByThe Lucky Dogs    
Found By mojudy
Last Found Sep 26 2009
Hike Distance?

Go to Suson Park to to the bottom of the 1st big fishing pond and find the American Flag, that will be your starting point. From the Flag pole walk past the wishing well and to the long bridge across another fishing pond. Once across the long bridge walk about 15 paces to find a short bridge and cross it. Keep walking along a half grassy half dirt trail between the pond on the right and another pond on the left. Find the creek and cross another small bridge. Look near the bottom of a tree close to a road, if you cross the road, you've gone too far. Across the road is another fishing pond. Find The Lucky Dogs Letter Box at the bottom of a tree near the road before crossing it.