Wild About Parks: Meadowbrook 1  LbNA # 48225

OwnerUPD - APNC    
Placed DateJun 13 2009
LocationUrbana, IL
Found By TeachJR
Last Found May 8 2014
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Wild About Parks: Meadowbrook 1

This clue is part of the Urbana Park District’s Wild About Parks Quest--celebrating the Anita Purves Nature Center’s 30th anniversary.
The Quest runs 6/13/09-6/12/10, but the boxes will remain in place indefinitely. Prizes can be won during the Quest for those who find 10, 20, and 30 boxes. Those who locate all 30 will be entered into a grand prize drawing. For more information, and for clue booklets, visit www.urbanaparks.org.

Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 90 min

Meadowbrook is a park of many gardens. Begin at the Race Street parking lot, moving clockwise along the pavement and gather the clues along your way. You will be instructed to find a letter at each site. By unscrambling the letters you have collected, you will obtain your final clue. On your journey, discover the uniqueness of each garden.

1. Enter this aromatic garden. Maintained by the Champaign Urbana Herb Society, this garden educates visitors on the common uses of herbs. Find the Petroselinum crispum plant. Record the third letter of the common name of this plant.

2. As you return to the sidewalk, wander through the Sensory Garden. In the warm seasons, take some time to explore this garden with all of your senses. Across the sidewalk, be blown away by a metal contraption. Known as a “Fairbanks Original,” this windmill was one of the first manufactured and marketed between 1895 and 1911. Look up at the vane to find your next letter; the second letter of a city in Wisconsin.

3. Continue right (east) along the sidewalk. The Organic Gardens to the north are the oldest local community gardening program. Members use only earth-friendly organic gardening techniques. Please just look, no collecting or sampling is allowed. Next walk along the Hickman Wildflower Walk which features some of Illinois’ most colorful native woodland and prairie wildflowers. Visit “Swift” and record the fourth letter of the artsist’s first name.

4. The Wandell Sculpture Garden features a combination of leased, donated and purchased pieces. New pieces are added regularly to this free outdoor gallery for you to enjoy. Turn right, continuing along the creek through the Sculpture Garden. When you reach the bridge over the creek, take a left and discover a really fun place to play. Search the tiles for the girl’s name with the number “95” closest to the entrance. Record the first letter of her name.

5. Continue right (east) from the play structure. Wooden faces will peek out from prairie grass. Record the last letter of this sculpture’s title.

6. Enjoy a walk along the paved prairie pathway. Pass by the overlook, and over a bridge. Along the south edge of Meadowbrook, you will discover this prairie savanna restoration project. A generous family donated the funds for this project. Collect the last letter of the family’s name.

7. As you round the final bend and cross the bridge near a huge Rabbit , you will see the final garden, just south of the farmhouse. This garden is designed to educate the public on sustainable alternatives to home landscaping; small to medium sized trees and shrubs are disease and pest resistant options that interfere less with sewer and power lines. Collect the second letter of the donating family’s last name.

Hint for Final Clue: Unscramble the letters to discover a title of a sculpture. Look behind the sculpture under a flat rock in the brush for this letterbox!