Jarrel Cove  LbNA # 48258

Placed DateJun 4 2009
LocationShelton, WA
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From Shelton or Bremerton, Take Highway 3 to Pickering Road--watch for the Jarrel Cove State Park signs. Follow Pickering road to the Harstine Island Bridge, cross and turn left at the stop sign. Follow North Island Drive for approximately 3 1/2 miles to Wingert road. Bear Left and continue to the entrance to Jarrel Cove State Park. Park at the end of the cul-de-sac. Look up for the HERON over the stars and stripes. From the heron walk SOUTH to the trail.
Walk through the abundant huckleberries, eating them if in season. The FINGER INLET is soon visiable on your right. Stop for the view. Continue up the GRADUAL SLOPE, enjoying the peaceful evergreen forest setting. On the left is a covered picnic area. Continue on the trail, bearing to the right where the trails meet. At the first Y where the old firs fall, bear to the RIGHT. At the next Y, go under the ARCHING alder on your LEFT. Continue past the fallen logs going around a curve. At the 1st big cedar tree, leave the path. Behind the tree you will see a rotten stump next to a smaller cedar. Look for a hole in the stump at ground level. It should be covered with pieces of rotting bark.
Return the way you came or continue to the park entrance road and turn left to find your starting point. Remember to rehide the box in its original spot so it does not become litter.