Nannys Forrest  LbNA # 48264

Placed DateJun 18 2009
LocationAkron, OH
Found By God's Lamb's
Last Found Jun 4 2011
Hike Distance?

Lions Trail, Akron Ohio –Ellet

Intersection of E. Market St. and Schrop Ave. Park on Schrop Ave. on the side of the street or if the gate is open, park in the parking lot.

1. Walk down Schrop Ave. to the gate that is passed the huge rock on the right.

2. Go around gate

3. Cross the drive to the nearest path by the bench

4. Cross the bridge over the river

5. Follow the path on the left

6. Follow the path around to the right until you reach the set of stairs on the left

7. Follow Lions Field Trail up the steps.

(to the left is a good sled riding path)

8. Follow the rocky path till the fork in the road

(the path to the right will lead you to the park by Acme)

9. Follow the path to the left

10. Go down 10 steps

12. Continue on the path and go down 3 of the 50 steps

13. On the third step look to the right and you will see a path that leads you to a v shaped tree look for a medium size green rock. Our box is hidden around this tree. Good luck and happy hunting!

Thank you Sproutlets, This is fun!