Gone Fishin' I  LbNA # 48272

Placed DateJun 18 2009
LocationPierre, SD
Found By azwalker
Last Found Jun 5 2014
Hike Distance?

Enter Riverside Cemetery. http://ci.pierre.sd.us/viewarticle.aspx?id=4&aid=101

Take the first left (north) onto a gravel road that turns to paved as you continue left along the outer drive.

Ahead see a big pipe on your left, it's blue in the middle and an upside down U shape, you can't miss it.... really!

Looking past the pipe, see a short dark colored electrical box with a large juniper behind it.

On the north side of the electrical box, find the magnetic microbox attached near the top. It's on the side covered by the juniper.

Stealth is important, the grounds are well maintained and during the day you will need to watch for the grounds keepers. In the evening it seems to be quieter.

While stamping the log, glance east from the electrical box. There is a gravestone that intrigues me. It is a giant W. On the backside (facing you) there are two quotes. One says "I told you I was sick" Wes. It's gives me the creepy crawlies!

When putting the box back together, it is helpful to put the log and stamp up into the lid before closing it, that way the log doesn't get in the way of the locking mechanism.

Please let me know the condition of this box including how much room is left in the log book.